The dates of the Vietnam War (or Vietnam Conflict, as some call it) are still debated, but the first official U.S. combat operations in Vietnam were in August 1964.

“Visions of Vietnam” are experiences recounted by David J. McCallum, who served as an Army medic in Vietnam from December 1965 to December 1966. The majority of his time was spent in the Central Highlands region.

The following is a timeline of significant dates/events in David’s life, many of which are discussed in this blog:

June 1964 – Graduation from high school

July 1964 – Enlistment in the U.S. Army

July 1964 – December 1965 – Basic Training, Leadership Preparation Training, Advanced Infantry Training, Jump School, Radio School, Medical Training

mid-December 1965 – Deployment to Vietnam

March 25, 1966 – Accidental death by mortar explosion of James V. Donnelly and Hugh W. Elmore

May 19-22, 1966 – Battle of Crazy Horse – Death of Michael Vinassa and David M. Jolley

July 1966 – Ambush in Tuy Hoa

August 1966 – R&R in Bangkok

September 1966 – Hospitalization for malaria and conjunctivitis

October 1966 – Promotion from Private First Class (Sp/3) to Specialist Fourth Class (Sp/4)

November 19, 1966 – Wounded in combat / Received the Purple Heart

December 15, 1966 – End of Deployment / Return to “the World” (Folcroft, PA)

February – July 1967 – Final months of active duty service to the Army

One thought on “Timeline

  1. When I was a teenager back in the 60s, I befriended a young American living next door. A few years later, I realized he might have been a draft dodger. I think he went back to the US and served as a medic… not sure. This is how I can relate a little to this story.


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